About Parasite Weights and Parasite Clips

Chuck Ditto describes what inspired him to develop the Parasite Weight and Clip System.

"While fishing a tournament a few years ago I had a problem present itself three times in a row! I was pitching a tube and getting bit quit regularly. The deal was, I wasn't putting the fish in the boat. I would set the hook and move the fish, but it would come off very shortly. Upon inspection of my tube, it had balled up over the hook point".

"I finally saw my problem and knew what it was going to take to fix it. I tried numerous things that went from in front of the hook to behind the plastic (rubber bands, tape, etc.), until I finally found some craft wire. The craft wire wasn't strong enough to hold the plastic lures on the hook, but that is how I made the original Parasite Clips".

"It was like a light bulb going off! I have been fishing for two forever's, and why I didn't think of this sooner I don't know. After over four years and lots of different designs, this is what we have come up with, THE PARASITE WEIGHT AND CLIP SYSTEM".

Chuck Ditto