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D. & W. Lure Company, Inc. Pro Staff Guidelines 2011

Welcome to Team Parasite!! It is an exciting time for our company with new products soon to be added to our innovative line. It is our goal to be the industry standard to which all other companies aspire, as well as the leader in product sales for this coming year. To achieve these goals, a select few will retain pro staff status based on the following criteria:

  1. 1. At all times must represent our company in a professional and sportsmanlike manner.
  2. 2. Must be actively involved in or retired from the fishing industry (i.e. tournaments, club affiliations, business owners, guides, directors, etc.) to better promote our company and products in a knowledgeable fashion.
  3. 3. Pro staff must contact local stores and help provide leads for sales reps (see contact list below) OR may choose to be a sales rep additionally.
  4. 4. Pro staff must provide written quarterly reports/updates regarding tournament standings, promotions done on our behalf, or any other pertinent information regarding your work to help our company grow.
  5. 5. Pro staff evaluations will be made quarterly by the company and discussed in confidence.
  6. 6. Pro staff must help sales personnel or owners with local in-store promotions or trade shows (8 hours or 1 show per year, with expenses to be paid at the discretion of owners)
  7. 7. Pro staff may purchase pro-style tournament shirts at any time at our cost.
  8. 8. Grounds for dismissal will be determined by the company owners.


  1. 1. Pro staff will purchase $25.00 worth of product at retail price plus applicable taxes and shipping fees.
  2. 2. After generating $300.00 in total sales, $30.00 will be returned in the form of product credit.
  3. 3. At this performance level, pro staff may begin to purchase product at wholesale pricing plus applicable taxes and shipping fees.
  4. 4. Pro staff will receive $25.00 in product of their choice for leads supplied to sales reps generating $1000.00 in total sales.
  5. Pro staff will receive 1 pro-style tournament shirt for leads supplied to sales reps generating $2500 in total sales.
  6. 6. Performance “bonuses” will be paid at our discretion on a case-by-case basis for exceptional work such as:
    1. High volume product sales
    2. Media coverage
    3. Published articles
    4. On-stage acknowledgements
    5. Demonstrations at public fishing related events.

Please read and sign below:

I agree to represent D. & W. Lure Company, Inc. in a professional and sportsmanlike manner at all times. In additional to the above requirements, this includes truthfulness, punctuality, personal appearance, and courteous behavior to others. I understand that if I am found to have misrepresented myself or the company/products in any manner unacceptable to the owners or am not producing sufficient sales, this position will be immediately terminated at the owners’ discretion with no additional compensation due. I agree to have my contact information/photo posted on the company web site in order that potential purchasers may contact me. This guideline sheet does not establish an employer/employee contract. Pro staff personnel are considered independent contractors.

Pro staff/Sales Representative: _____________________________________

Date: _____________________________________

Address: _____________________________________

Information for web site use: _____________________________________

E-mail address: _____________________________________

Contact number: _____________________________________

Referred By: (If By A Sales Rep/Whom?) _____________________________________

Please mail or fax to:

D.&W. Lure Co.
710 South 17th Street
Terre Haute,IN 47807

Fax: 812-232-6514

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