Parasite Weights Testimonials

Parasite Weights is proud to be recognized by some of the top names in the fishing industry. See what Woo Daves, Tom Monsoor and Juanita Robinson are saying about the Parasite Weight and the Parasite Clip...

"This is one of the neatest products I have ever seen. This little clip will hold your Carolina-rigged plastic, floating worm, or sinking-type baits like the Zoom Z-Nail on a hook for repeated use over and over. If your flipping in heavy cover it will keep your plastic on, and will keep tubes on 100% better than any other product I have seen."

2000 BASSMASTER Classic Champ Woo Daves

"Revolutionizes the way you fish plastics... You can't fish plastics effectively without it."

FLW Tour Pro Tom Monsoor

"It is the best weight system ever, its the only one I use."

WBT Championship Qualifier Juanita Robinson